Bat Exclusion Season


Our totem pole logo represents our desire to solve wildlife at issues as in living in harmony with the natural environment. Many issues with nuisance wildlife removal in the Jacksonville and Rivertown area stem from us as humans creating our own problems.

Our goal is to create ways to live and let live as a wildlife removal service in the Jacksonville and Rivertown area. Together we can understand and take steps to lessen human and animal conflicts.

We are Austin and Andrew, owners of JAX Wildlife Removal. Wildlife is our passion and we take great pride in handling all wildlife with dignity and respect. Together we are a team of dedicated wildlife removal specialists in the Jacksonville and Rivertown area who understand that every wildlife conflict is unique. We can offer custom solutions to your specific problem and your call will be answered by us directly. We have a vested interest in solving your wildlife conflict and personally handle all the work ourselves with a higher degree of customer care and professionalism that is not seen in other St. Augustine and Jacksonville wildlife removal service companies today!



Our Guarantee: After complete wildlife removal in the Jacksonville area, we specialize in repairing the damage caused by nuisance wildlife, with a 2 year warranty on our workmanship.